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Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 presents a compelling business case for providing the core business IT services for an organisation. Setting up a new business in Office 365 is relatively easy but for a business with existing internal IT infrastructure and systems, adoption of and migration to Office 365 can be a significant challenge.

The first issue it to understand whether Office 365 offers a solution that completely replaces your internal systems or just the core services such as messaging and document management. Will you be able to move your IT Infrastructure entirely onto the Office 365 platform or will you need to maintain some on-premise systems?  It may be possible to migrate systems that do not fit into Office 365 into an Azure Cloud solution, augmenting the standard Office 365 offering. Alternatively there may be good business reasons to keep those systems on-premises, in which case you need to consider whether you require a hybrid solution whereby on-premise and Office 365 Identity and Authentication is fully integrated.

Whatever the solution the migration process is critical and requires careful planning to ensure success and minimise disruption and cost. The correct migration plan not only depends upon your starting point and target solution but also on the volume of data and user accounts to be migrated. If these are significant then it may be necessary to look at bulk data import and running a hybrid on-premise to Office 365 system during the migration. 

We are experienced in performing these migrations and can either perform the migration on your behalf or assist your in-house IT team. Contact Us today to discuss your requirement.