Information Initiatives Business IT Support Services
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When engaging with new clients that are not brand new start-up companies we usually take over support of their existing IT systems and infrastructure. Before doing so we conduct a thorough audit to generate our standard set of site documentation. This comprises:

  • Server system configuration
  • Network equipment configuration
  • Network infrastructure diagram
  • Equipment and software inventory

This information is in a standard format that enables any of our engineering team to deliver support to that client. The documentation set is maintained and updated as part of any changes applied to the system. The client will hold an up-to date copy of this documentation at all times.

Another important output from the audit process is the identification of configuration problems that should be addressed as part of a remedial plan. This information will be collated and presented as part of an “Audit Report”. The remedial action plan will typically be prioritised as “Short term”, “Medium term” and “Long term”. Once the action plan is agreed and implemented the system comes under our normal maintenance procedures.