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UK Branch of Multinational

Many of our clients are the UK or European branch of often quite large international companies. These companies may have their corporate IT department based in the United States, and we are engaged as their local agents within the UK. We build a close relationship with the corporate IT team and provide local presence for on-site service delivery. This addresses the practical problem of providing support services in different time zones. Furthermore, the ability to provide on-site personnel can ease communication leading to more efficient problem resolution and enables larger scale projects to be undertaken without sending out a team from overseas headquarters.

One such example is an international telemarketing organisation based in West London. They have over 120 staff and have to deliver fast project turnaround. Agility in their IT systems and services is of paramount importance to their success. We have been their IT service provider since they first opened for business over fifteen years ago. Initially we provided a secure connectivity solution enabling them to operate as a satellite of the US data centre. Later as their team grew in number we deployed local server resources, configuration management systems and procedures to reduce maintenance overheads and speed provisioning.

Another example is the UK property acquisitions office of a New York based investment fund management company. Again we have been providing systems and support services to their staff of less than ten users, for over fifteen years. We have built close ties with the New York IT operations department and deliver a strong local presence at a competitive price.