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Server Solutions

We offer the full range of server products and solutions for both on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments.

On-premises or Cloud-based?

For many small businesses with basic IT requirements, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 offer compelling value. Furthermore, many “line of business” applications are now available from specialised providers so it may be possible to assemble a solution from a range of providers without investing in any infrastructure other than a reliable Internet connection.

In contrast, the more traditional on-premises server solution allows a business to exercise total control over their data. In situations where there is a duty of care over confidential information then this is often the most appropriate solution. However, this comes with a responsibility to correctly implement and manage server infrastructure and security.

Larger businesses are in a better position to realise the value of on-premises server infrastructure. Virtualisation has enabled businesses to deploy large-scale processing resources with very compact hardware. However, despite significant in-house server resources there can be times when a business has to deal with a short-term spike in demand that threatens to swamp in-house capacity. In this scenario a hybrid solution can be the best response. In-house resources can be temporarily augmented by cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that is charged as a simple utility.

In-house Server systems

When an organisation deploys in-house server systems it will typically locate them in a dedicated onsite computer room or an offsite data centre. The advantage of physically hosting systems onsite are primarily around high performance network connections. Data centre deployments tend to be better suited to organisations that have multiple small regional offices. The data centre is effectively a “private cloud”. The latter can make use of Remote Desktop and Virtual Desktop technology to mitigate network performance limitations.

We have many years of experience in guiding businesses through assessing the available options and making good choices around their server solutions.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • In-house server systems based upon Microsoft or VMware virtualised infrastructure
  • Cloud-based solutions built with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, Platform and Software Services

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