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  • IT Infrastructure

    IT Infrastructure

    Strategy, Implementation and Support

    • Server Systems
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Security
    • Mobile Working
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  • Services


    Consultancy and Support Services

    • Strategy and Design
    • Implementation
    • Office 365 Migration
    • Support and Maintenance
    • Office Relocation
    • Audit and Review
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  • Engage


    Flexible Service Options

    • Managed Contract
    • Project Based
    • Just Support
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  • Server Solutions

    Server Solutions

    We offer the full range of server products and solutions for both on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments. On-premises or Cloud-based? For many small businesses with basic IT requirements, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 offer compelling value. Furthermore, many “line Read More
  • Virtualisation


    The computing power of a typical server has grown so fast that it is now very unusual for a physical server to be dedicated to a single application. Virtualisation has enabled literally dozens of servers to run on a small cluster of physical hosts. This Read More
  • Network Security

    Network Security

    Many organisations have implemented an IT Acceptable Use Policy within its employment terms but enforcement of the policy is often weak or non-existent. We can provide solutions to lock down privileges on IT equipment that enable users to work efficiently and prevent misuse. These solutions Read More
  • Mobile Working

    Mobile Working

    The proliferation of high performance hand-held mobile devices and laptops with pervasive communications infrastructure enables users to access and manipulate information anywhere at anytime. This is changing the nature of the “workplace” and driving one of the fastest growth areas of Information Technology. We can Read More
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